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The best marketing and tech events to attend

Connect, collaborate and learn from some of the industry’s most experienced leaders and innovators. There are some great events coming up in the tech and marketing space across…

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How augmented reality will revolutionise the travel industry

Augmented reality has the potential to revolutionise the travel industry through its ability to make travelling fun, educational and easier.

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Web XR has now arrived: Browser augmented reality coming soon.

You can soon experience augmented reality without the added step of downloading an app! Augmented reality experiences will soon be easily accessible, with the ability to view AR…

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Infographic: Why augmented reality is the future of business

Augmented reality is quickly becoming a reality, giving businesses an opportunity to educate and advertise through a growing medium. See our infographic to learn why augmented…

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The stage is set: Augmented reality helping live events thrive

Augmented reality (AR) is transforming the ways in which we interact with advertisements, gaming, and education. Now, AR is becoming a popular tool for navigation and…

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AR Kit 2: A new world of possibilities for augmented reality

The release of ARKit in 2017 generated a new world of possibilities for augmented reality, and the release of ARKit 2 will only provide more opportunities for the AR industry and…

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How augmented reality is leading the way, one step at a time

Gone will be the days of staring at the little blue dot on the map while trying to navigate, thanks to Google's new augmented reality innovation.

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