With the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia well underway, augmented reality technology is adding to the excitement for some lucky fans. Providing contextual information to the sporting event, AR is an important tool for businesses to reach audiences and add utility. 

Every four years, there is an event that encompasses all that is face paint, national flags and passion. All over the world, fans wake up at all different hours of the day and become glued to their TV screens, in order to shout “Ref! He’s offside!”. It’s not the Olympics, but the FIFA World Cup!

Augmented reality is coming to FIFA 2018

This year, official Spanish broadcaster Telemundo Deportes, in collaboration with sports card company Panini America, have paired together to bring Augmented Reality (AR) to the FIFA World Cup in Russia.

The collaboration marks the launch of a custom 2018 FIFA World Cup Russian sticker, which will serve as an AR marker for custom content on the Telemundo Deportes app. The content will be available throughout the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. New AR content will be released each week and accessed via the apps camera effects.

FIFA World Cup Russia 2018
The FIFA World Cup will be held in Russia for 2018

The AR experience will include a series of 10 second videos highlighting sport presenters and historic FIFA world cup moments.

Augmented reality has been a success before

Although the Telemundo Deportes campaign will be sure to add value for football fans this FIFA season, it’s not the first app to be introduced in conjunction with the prestigious sporting event.

In 2014, McDonald’s introduced an AR gaming app called “Gol!”, which turned custom french fries boxes into scannable AR markers. Once the box was scanned, users entered a football trick shot game where they could kick, shoot and score. Utilising Qualcomm’s AR technology, players were able to bounce the football off real world objects. As a result, each player would have an entirely unique gaming experience from the next person.

Augmented Reality game for FIFA World Cup, McDonald's game GOL!
Source: Marketing Land

These apps were largely successful as they created highly contextual experiences, allowing brands to connect with passionate fans on a deeper level than traditional advertising.

Contextual Marketing Drives Engagement

The success of AR might be as simple as context. The reason that the Telemundo Deportes app and Gol! are so popular is that its users are bound by one common interest in one shared location. The Telemundo Deportes app is downloaded and the Gol! app are both promoted during the FIFA World Cup and downloaded by users with an interest in football.

There is ample opportunity for other businesses to leverage these learnings for future marketing campaigns. By creating an experience tied to context, AR can be used for advertising, gamification, unlocking exclusive content and providing a direct path to sale. There is opportunity present across many industries for businesses to provide meaningful experiences via AR.

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