AR Tech collaborates with TAFE NSW to create an Augmented Reality art exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia.

As an extension to the Vivid Sydney Hidden ARt Augmented Garden installation at Kings Cross, the public were invited to unlock Hidden ARt at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia on Saturday the 16th of June.

Crowds gathered around an Augmented Reality marker to view ARt

Event attendees were able to unlock Augmented Reality artworks from Mt Druitt and Nepean TAFE NSW students. Mixing real world art with computer generated art and sculptures, students used texture, light, colour and modern media to create a visual wonderland. The artworks explored ideas of people, places, planets and dimensions at one of the city’s most loved creative spaces.

Augmented Reality concept art work by NSW TAFE student

“Augmented reality provides an immersive lens for artists to showcase their work. It breaks the barriers of a traditional canvas, providing a new medium for artists to experiment with and amplify their artwork stories. We’re really excited to collaborate with TAFE NSW to showcase some of their upcoming artists”- Paul Willey, COO of AR Technologies.

TAFE NSW portrait ARt installation viewed on iPads at the Contemporary Art Museum Australia

iPads were available at the event to view the Hidden ARt.

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